Often called a 'zimmer frame' or 'walking frame' by many people, the medical walker is an excellent support for people who still have some use of their legs and provide far more user stability than a simple cane. These simple but effective mobility devices are trusted by millions of people every day. A more recent development in mobility technology, the knee walker, is often used in lieu of a pair of crutches by people who cannot bear any weight on a lower leg. Although often associated with the elderly, walkers are also used by many people with balance issues, such as temporary mobility weakness due to surgery or injury.

Walkers may be sorted into three primary categories, wheeled, wheelless, and the knee walker. A walker with wheels may be slid along the surface and is recommended for patients with limited upper body strength. A traditional wheelless walker is inherently more stable, but requires the user to lift the walker up with each step and set back down again before the next step is taken. The knee walker; also called a leg walker or a knee scooter, is designed much like a rollator, but supports a single leg.

As simple as these walking aids are, most medical walkers are easily folded up when not being used. Terms such as "paddle walker" and "dual-release" refer to the levers that allow the folding frame to lock into position and easily unlock for folding. Whether you call these simple devices medical walkers, walking frames or even a 'zimmer frame,' Living Motion has the one you want.