Pre-owned (Used) Jazzy 1103 Mini Power Chair
Pre-owned (Used) Jazzy 1103 Mini Power Chair
Code: 02JZ11PC00015
Product Description
If you have been looking for the most power mobility chair for the best price? You may want to consider this used Jazzy 1103 Mini power chair from Living Motion. We currently have a great pre-owned Jazzy 1103 Mini in stock at for local pick up at our Colorado Springs, Colorado office.

With the nimble agility of center-mounted drive wheels, our used Jazzy 1103 was made to excel at indoor use. Unfortunately this superb model was recently discontinued by the manufacturer. So here is your chance to get a great deal on an excellent pre-owned power chair.

Please note that the above photo is a generic stock image of a new Jazzy 1103, and is used here for illustrative purposes only. The Jazzy power chair offered for sale had a minor amount of "yellowing" on the tires and a few insignificant scuffs on the outside of the armrests. Other than those small cosmetic blemishes, this power chair is in fine condition.

If your budget constraits do not allow for the relatively high cost of a brand new power chair, then our pre-owned Jazzy is an unbeatable bargain.