An access ramp is an essential piece of home medical equipment in allowing an easy access into and out of buildings and motor vehicles. A wheelchair ramp may be of two main types; solid one piece ramps, and hinged single-fold ramps. Commonly called a scooter ramp, this simple device is a disabled living necessity for anyone using a wheeled mobility product.

The rigid solid scooter ramp is most commonly an easily transportable aluminum plank. Available in lengths from 2 to 6 feet, the strong and solid scooter ramps offer a safe and stable platform. The single-fold scooter and wheelchair ramp is hindged across the middle so that it can easily and quickly fold up for storage and transport. These ramps come in standard sized widths, are available from 18" to 60" in length, and are some of the most durable and useful pieces of home medical equipment available. Often overlooked until needed, the access ramp helps overcome the barriers of disabled living.

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