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Living Motion is dedicated to enhancing the disabled or elderly mobility scooter users' lives with our superior mobility products, and support their sense of freedom with a new or used scooter. The mobility scooter, whether a full size or lightweight travel mobility scooter, has become an iconic symbol of those who refuse to allow limited mobility or impairment to control their lives. The scooter allows this to a degree that no other type of mobility products can do.

Living Motion currently carries several lines of full-size and travel mobility scooters, each with several different models to select from. Ranging from portable and affordable mobility products, through the feature packed premium models; there is a Pride, Drive Medical, Go-Go or Invacare mobility scooter for every budget, life-style, and disabled or elderly mobility need. Additionally, Living Motion can offer an almost new but gently used scooter at a very nice price.

New Full Size Mobility Scooters
Full size mobility scooters provide a wide range of use over varying terrain types as well as increased weight carrying capacity.
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New Travel Mobility Scooters
Travel mobility scooters are designed to be reliable, lightweight, and easy to disassemble and reassemble.
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Used Full Size Mobility Scooters
Great values on pre-owned full size mobility scooters.
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Used Travel Mobility Scooters
Living Motion has great deals on used travel mobility scooters.
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Choosing the right mobility scooter
When choosing a new or used scooter, whether a full size or a lighter weight travel mobility scooter, there are several factors that must be weighed. If the primary requirement is for a greater load-bearing capability, then the need is for a heavier mobility scooter. If transportability is an issue—and a travel scooter is too small—then the scooter needs to be easily taken down and reassembled. Indoor maneuverability must be weighed against outdoor power, stability, and battery-charge endurance. Balancing all of these competing requirements may seem a bit bewildering at first, but today's mobility scooter manufacturers make it easy with their extensive range of full-size scooters to fit just about every need. Selecting the right mobility products need not be a difficult process in improving infirm or elderly mobility challenges.
  • I emailed Customer Service twice, they responded very promptly, answered my questions and I appreciate that. Very nice company to deal with. I would recommend this company to anyone.

    - WR, Manchester, KY

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