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The wheelchair is the very symbol of mobility impairment and the triumph of the human spirit above the percieved limitations of physical adversity. The manual wheelchair icon has become a universally recognized fixture on signs, parking spaces and automobile license plates. Wheelchairs have been in use since at least the 18th Century, but today's manual wheelchair models are the lightest weight, sturdiest and most dependable pieces of home medical equipment for personal mobility ever invented. Modern composites, fabrics, and lightweight alloy frames allow the wheelchair user to achieve the mobility the user demands without compromising on safety, style or durability.

Living Motion offers a wide range of manual wheelchairs in several categories and many styles. Whether your home medical equipment requirements call for a standard wheelchair, a heavy-duty bariatric wheelchair, pediatric wheelchairs for children or a companion-assisted transport wheelchair, Living Motion has the right manual wheelchair to meet your needs.

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Wheelchair Types:
There is no "one size fits all" category of modern manual wheelchairs, just as there is not any one type of mobility wheelchair user. Regardless of features, benefits, or custom bells & whistles, we can distinguish most manual wheelchairs into four broad categories. Some of the wheelchairs that we sell may fall under more than one of these groups. Use the quick reference below to see which class of manual wheelchair best meets your mobility requirements.

Standard Wheelchairs
This most common type of manual wheelchair is distinguished by its large rear wheels with handrails that permit the chair to be either propelled by the user, or pushed by a companion. Often much lighter in weight than most wheelchairs of the past, today's easy to use standard manual wheelchairs are depended upon by millions of people daily. Most current models fold into a small, space-saving unit for storage or travel, and many have recline capability.

Bariatric Wheelchairs
The bariatric wheelchairs are designed to be heavy-duty and extra-wide mobility devices for patients weighing 350 lb. and over. They are distinguished by their extra-strong construction and robust load-bearing capacity.

Pediatric Wheelchairs
Wheelchairs for children and very small adults have not been neglected by contemporary wheelchair manufacturers. These special-sized manual wheelchairs are usually equiped with narrow 12" to 14" seats and a number of height adjustments to fit the changing requirements of a growing child.

Transport Wheelchairs
Using small solid wheels that cannot be reached by the sitter, lightweight transport wheelchairs are often referred to as "companion wheelchairs" as they require a caregiver or other person to push the chair. Smaller rear wheels also mean that the transport wheelchair has a smaller, narrower "footprint" in confined spaces such as elevators and hallways. This type of manual wheelchair is often used in hospitals and nursing homes.
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