Bath Safety
Bath Safety
A safe bath is taken for granted by many consumers, and for good reason: if there is one place in the home that we should feel at ease, it's the bathroom. Even something as simple as a tub or shower safety bar greatly reduces the numbers of bathroom related injuries. Towards that end, Living Motion is proud to present our full line of products to ensure worry-free bath for the disabled or elderly.

A safety bar in the bathroom is the most effective accident preventive solution. Our premium quality grab bars and rails will make getting into and out of the tub a cinch. Grab bars can be mounted to the wall with a variety of methods, and Living Motion supports them all. From suction cups that are easy to install and remove to more permanent drill in applications, Living Motion has you covered.

Elevated toilet seats are designed to make delicate times stress free by putting the user back in control of when and how they are using the facilities. Most elevated seats can be mounted and removed with relative ease, letting the user travel away from home without having to worry about the accommodations at the destination.

If you aren't yet convinced that Living Motion has exactly the dependable and safe bath products that you need, take a look through our Bath Safety products and you will not be dissatisfied. Whether a simple tub and shower safety bar, or an elevated toilet seat for those with difficulty sitting or standing, Living Motion can help alleviate some of the concern of disabled living.
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