Pre-owned (Used) Pep Pal (Go-Go Ultra) Travel Scooter
Pre-owned (Used) Pep Pal (Go-Go Ultra) Travel Scooter
Code: 04GG10TS00004
Product Description
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Living Motion offers this very clean used Pep Pal travel Scooter in stock and on sale to our customers at a substantial savings versus the cost of a new scooter. The Pep Pal travel scooter is the very same mobility chair sold by Pride Mobility as the Go-Go Ultra, but bearing the Pep Pal label and sold through Pep Boys stores. The only difference between the two is that the Pep Pal travel scooter uses an easy-to-clean vinyl upholstered seat as opposed to the Go-Go's fabric upholstered seat.

Our red-colored pre-owned Pep Pal travel mobility scooter comes complete with standard seat without armrests, a tiller-mounted wire basket, a new pair of 12 volt - 12 Ah batteries, and Living Motion's 60 day warranty. The black tires show it has been taken off of the carpet once or twice, but the rubber "whiskers" haven't even been worn off of the tires! Other than that, this pre-owned Pep Pal scooter looks totally brand new.

Here is your chance to buy a barely used Pep Pal scooter at a fraction of the price that we should be charging for it. If you were in the market for a Go-Go Ultra travel scooter but it just doesn't fit into your budget, then you owe it to yourself to consider our very economical alternative.

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